Examination Management

Examination module is developed to take care of any type of examination pattern, be it user defined, CBSE, ICSE, ISE and various State boards.


Examination Mark Handlers

• Organize Examinations
• Ranking system on total performance
• Ranking for individual subjects
• Report Cards ( for a blank sheet )
• Report Cards ( for pre-printed stationery)
• Promotion Process at the end of the scholastic year
• Subjectwise Mark Entry Forms
• Studentwise Mark Entry Forms
• Subject handlers for each examination group
• Check-Lists of punched marks.
• Consolidated Mark Records

Classwise: Speedx Examination module is capable of defining examination at classlevel. ie, classwise configuration of examinations are permissible at user level. One can define names and number of examinations at their requirements.

Examination Groups can be defined for combination of classes that may have same pattern of examination which can further reduce the configuration time.

Subjects can be defined in such a way that each classes can have its own subjects pattern even irrespective of standards. It also enables you to set maximum marks for each subjects at individual examination level. Subjects are also definable as grading or non-grading subjects, ranking or non-ranking subjects etc.

Ranking is taken care by speedx examination module and provides the comprehensive reports on the assigned ranks at subjects level and examination level.

Grading of subjects with different grading pattern are no more a tedious task for the faculties. It is always a big concern to translate the availed mark into the respective grading pattern of the subject. Here, speedx comes forward with its versatile grading wizard which can handle any number of grading pattern for any group of subjects.

Report Cards contain information of marks scored, grades, ranks, attendance, consilidated ranking and many other parameters usually required tobe shown. It can be printed out in either a pre-printed stationery or a blank sheet. A pre-printed stationery gives you freedom to design your report cards even after finalising the layout of report cards. You may change the watermark, logo and titles of the report cards without affecting the basic layout. Because in a pre-printed stationery speedx prints only the relevent data to the pre-defined spots. But a blank stationery print of report gives you full featured report cards as finalised mutually. Report cards can be taken in bulk groups like classwise, standardwise so that the processing time can be saved etc. A laserjet printer is advisable to take the printouts