Fee Collection Management (FCM)

User Friendly: It is a user friendly module. The only input required is Admission Number which is a unique number. As the user type-in the admission number the module will automatically fetch the fee for the child considering all the logic of your fee structure and late fee rules etc.


Fee Counter Management

Multi-Groups of Collection can be defined by the user. ie, for example, if you want to collect your school fee and Transportation Fee seperately and issue two different receipts for each you can define two collection groups for the purpose. Like wise you can have any many number of collection groups.
Multi-Fee Structures can be defined in speedx fee module. ie, you can have more than one fee pattern with in a single class room eg: If in an Army School fee for a child of Hawildars may be different than that of a child of Majors. No problem you can define unlimited categories of fee even in a single class. Also, a new admitted child can have a different feestructure than that of an existing child.
Multi-Modes of fee receipts are allowed by speedx fee module. It also treat each module individually and prepare specific reports for each mode of collection eg: cash->reconciliations, cheque->list for cheque remittance in bank etc..

Billing Series can be defined as per your specific requirement at user level. eg: Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary … can have different or same Billing Series.
Billing Cycles are definable at user level. You can have billing cycles monthly, Quarterly, yearly or as you wish. speedx is having a powerful billing cycle property which will enable us to keep any billing cycles or combinations of them.
Late Fee management is an another super speciality of speedx fee module.You can have a FLAT latefee and/or a CUMULATIVE latefee and/or a combination of both.
Optional items in fee collections are beautifully taken care off by speedx fee module. The user can define an ITEM in a collection group as optional or the entire GROUP itself. Reports of optional item registration are also provided.
Refundable items like Caution Money/Security Deposits are also treated individually by speedx. We also maintain a refund register which will enable the user to find out the original fee collection reports in a convinient way that too within a split second of time.
Administrative Scrutiny is provided at certain level to scrutinse the data manipulations.

Defaultors tracking system is one of the powerful and prestegious tool we always highlight. Within no time you can trace the defaultors of school fee classwise, standardwise or for the entire school from a single click. An optional utility of emailing a reminder to the parents can also be incorporated in it.
Budgetory reports like how much would be the total fee collection for the whole year/quarter/month is provided by the speedx module.
Tution Fee Certificate is included in speedx module to save the time consuming work of your office people during income tax computation time.
Account Statement of any student can be availed at any point of time to face any scrutiny or disputes that may arise between two parties.
Reconciliation of fees at student level is included recently in speedx. It is a report other than defaultors tracking system. It will provide details of remittance of a student in a single line. The report can be taken out classwise, standardwise etc.
Linking to Financial Accounting is another speciality by speedx. Speedx fee module can be configured in such a way so that an item collected in a particular class can be posted into the corresponding book of speedx financial accounting. It is totally customizable at user level.
Customization is allowed almost in all areas of the package depending upon the user profile. Regarding the configuration of fee collections nothing is kept hidden or programmer exclusive access. But for the security reason some areas are not accessible for normal operator levels but it is opened for the administrators.
Configuring for next year is another area of concern by the end users. Here also speedx provides a year creation wizard for you which would help you to create a room for corresponding financial/academic years. After the creation of a new year you would get an item added in your year selection menu.
Reports of Speedx Fee Module: Speedx provides a variety of collection reports depend upon your needs. The statutory reports provided are:

Collection Reports

• Fee Defaulters Tracking system

• Linking of Fee Collection to Financial Accounting