Financial Accounting

Compared to other custom accounting packages SpeedX Financial Accounting is a unique one in many ways. It is very much a user friendly one and assumes no-expertise in accounting skill. Speedx navigate the user in simple ways other than technical accounting norms and terms. SpeedX provides you almost all statutory accounting reports like Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledger, Receipt and Payment, Income and Expenditure, Trial Balance, Depreciation Schedule etc..etc.. Once can maintain their account in many accounting group and/or multi projects. Almost all the reports are provided for each individual groups, Combinations of Groups, Individual Projects and/or combination of projects. Speedx takes care of your both budgeting requirement and budget based MIS reports, Budget Vs Actuals etc.etc.



Financial Accounting Reports

Multi-Groups of Accounts: is one of the attracttive feature of speedx financial accounting. Groups are maintained at user level depends on the user profile. For example in a school they can maintain their accounting in groups like 1. Pre-Primary, 2. Main Section, 3. Society Account etc..etc. Reports are available for any individual group or combinations of groups. Thus the consolidation of reports enables the user to picturise his accounts much more easier an simplest than ever.

Multi-Projects in Accounting Group: is an another powerfull accounting tool especial for institutions like voluntary organisations who runs a number of projects under each accounting groups. They may require individual reports for each projects run by them. A bank or a cash book can be used in more than one project. Here also at any point of time or for any given period almost all the reports are available pertained to a project or a combination of projects

Sub-Ledger : could be defined under any Main-Ledger so that an individual item can be picturised clearly among many.

• Multi Group Handling
• Actual Vs Budget handling
• Statutory Accounts Reports for Individual Units
• Consolidated Reports for any combination of Units
• New Financial year configuration with Automatic opening balance updation

Budgetting is a powerful MIS tool provided by speedx for controlling the fund in and out flows. It also provides a comparison report of actual fund-flow status v/s projected or budgetted fund-flow. In the modern environment of accounting without a proper budgetting one can not function efficiently. So we proudly presents the powerful Speedx Budgetting tool.

Bank Reconciliation a user friendly and powerful bank reconciliation module helps you to keep each and every bank entry under your scrutiny.

Depreciation calculation is an another technical information a usual man may not be sure about. So speedx depreciation handler makes it easy to make a depreciation schedule/chart for you