Vehicle Handling: Speedx Transportation module manages a large number of vehicles with the necessary information needed time to time. The type of vehicle, contact person of a particular vehicle, number of seats available in the vehicle and so on..

Transportation Handler

Route Handling: Speedx manages seperate routelist for each vehicle with different bus fares. Because of this feature one can charge more transportation for an A/c Bus than that of Non-A/c

Booking: Speedx manages a transportation booking module which will give you full controll of booking of seats upto the seating capacity of the vehicle.

Bus Fee Collection is more flexible than ever. It is a full fledge collection group with all the features like latefee, concession, free-ship, defaultors tracking, multi transportaion fee-structure etc.. etc..

Transporation iCard A photo identity card is available speedx transportation management specially for transportation purpose. This iCard contains informations like Bus Number, Picking
Point, Picking Time, Dropping Time, Details of person authorized to receive the child at picking station etc…etc..

Reports of Transportation Speedx Transport Management provides a lot of reports to facilitate the administrators. They are:

1. Vehicle List
2. Route List of all vehicles with amounts and picking/dropping time
3. Classwise Transportation list
4. Vehiclewise Transportation list
5. Vehicle status report (shows number of seats available, number seats availed, vacancies etc..)
6. Budgettory reports like total collection in each vehicle etc.

and many more….